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Samantha Greaves

Service-oriented freelance writer.

I create content for entertainment and lifestyle websites. Experienced in covering urban pop culture, travel, and service-oriented content for parenting, relationships, and life-hack topics.

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The Huffington Post

5 Unbearable Couples Everyone Knows

5 Unbearable Couples Everyone Knows

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The Huffington Post

The 5 Phases of Pregnancy New Moms Experience

Earlier this month, I found a photo of my son's sonogram. It was taken during the summer of 2012 and this time was one of the most exciting times for me. My husband and I were anxious to have our......

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Kanye West: 5 best quotes and interview moments

Kanye West is nothing short of interesting. He’s a brilliant rapper and producer with albums that are easily considered timeless......

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The 5 Best Vegan Restaurants in New York City for New Vegans

Along with being the city that never sleeps, New York City is also the city with endless......

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Poplopedia: 'Covert Affairs' Is Another Hit For USA

The first scene opens with Annie Walker – a C.I.A. newbie that is hooked up to a polygraph machine and is being grilled by an examiner who asks her questions about her career, her relationships and......

Beyoncé: 5 best quotes and interview moments - AXS

Beyoncé: 5 best quotes and interview moments - AXS

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Shonda Rhimes shares how she dropped 117lbs doing what she hates

Shonda Rhimes, creator of hit shows "Scandal," "How to Get Away with Murder," and "Grey’s Anatomy shares how she slimmed down....

SWV Reunited | Quiz: Which SWV Group Member Would You Be ...

SWV Reunited | Quiz: Which SWV Group Member Would Y...

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Amber Rose's 'SlutWalk' points the finger at how women are judged

While many of us had a lax weekend, socialite Amber Rose kept busy....


'More Than A Game' Is A Story About Hard Work And Dreams Coming True

There have been sports movies shelled out to us in bulk that have made their way to theater screens and have successfully captured the hearts of audiences nationwide. "Remember the Titans", for exa......

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Bruno Mars: The 5 most pivotal moments in their career

Bruno Mars is an international singer who has experienced commercial success thanks to his roster of memorable singles. From songs like......

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Poplopedia: Katy Perry Is A Teenage Dream At 'Live On Letterman'

Neatly placed were ice cream cones, wrapped small candies, lollipops, peppermint, a sundae and cotton candy. Next to those mouthwatering goodies stood band members dressed in all-white “Ice Cream M......

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Betty White Proves There's Life After 40 In Hollywood

For years, a large number of entertainers have literally hung on to the belief that once wrinkles became their reality, public interest would decrease....

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Five Ways to Avoid Donald Trump in New York City

Although it's hard to believe, everyone's "favorite" multi-billionaire Donald Trump is running for president. This means, Donald will be campaigning in a city near you. Mr. Trump frequents New York often so the chances of running into him ar......

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Five Ways to Be Donald Trump for a Day in New York City

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump sure lives a fabulous rich and famous lifestyle. He wears the finest suits and owns impressive real estate, making it understandable why anyone would want to be like him. And it's possible to live like Donald for a......